Last updated on: 2020-05-15



Earth Day

The energy transition in Poland, and ZE PAK itself, is not fiction – it is a fact. The ZE PAK SA Capital Group fully understands the need for energy transition – not only in terms of Poland, but also Europe and the entire world. We systematically conduct modernization of our power plants and take action to reduce our emissions when producing energy. The effect of these efforts is the use of the biomass unit by the Konin Power Plant, which partially supplies the city with heat from renewable energy sources. A second such unit will soon appear there: within a year and a half, the K-7 boiler will be reconstructed in order to use biomass instead of coal as fuel. Owing to this endeavour, the Konin Power Plant will soon become the first generating unit in the whole country, in which the fuel has been completely converted from lignite into biomass (RES). Konin will become the first city heated with energy originating exclusively from renewable sources.


We also constantly monitor the air quality, surface waters of Konin lakes used to cool the Pątnów and Konin power plants, as well as actively operate in the areas of former open-pit mines, restoring their recreational, agricultural and forestry values.


 ZE PAK SA thanks to responsible and competent management has been present on the energy market for over 60 years. Today we employ many thousands of people, ensuring our employees financial stability and providing their families with a sense of security. Our facilities also play a significant role in ensuring energy security of the region and the state. Experts estimate that by the end of 2030 Polish power plants should have a total capacity of 55,000 MW in order to guarantee energy independence to our country. Bearing these forecasts in mind, from day to day, it is not feasible to replace such a well-functioning organism as ZE PAK with a plant based entirely on renewable energy, by a quick move with one lever. Moreover, Poland still does not have a nuclear power plant, thus it is not able to rely on the atom in the event of the termination of operations of conventional power plants or other renewable energy sources.


 Dear environmentalists – let’s stick together! We are changing and want to keep on changing, but we need time, solid plans and, above all, resources. That is why, we are strong supporters of the transition, which has to be carried out reasonably, spread over time, and based on iron principles. Protests that temporarily disrupt the operation of a part of the power plant complex or mines will never bring tangible results; we bear too much responsibility for our employees, their families, the economy and security of the region and the country. But still we can use your help!


 The necessary time is crucial in order to carry out the energy transition, we need it to have the opportunity to retrain our employees and successfully finalize long-term projects – that is why we need the policy makers (on domestic and national level) to consistently implement long-range and long-term plans for just transition in Poland, Europe and the world. We need the European Union to be willing to cooperate in the face of the climate change. A technology is required that will ensure our plants profitability and stability – its availability largely depends on the world of science. Co-financing is needed, owing to which we will implement investments, such as the construction of photovoltaic and wind farms in the areas of former open-pit mines. These are the places where your activities, as social and environmental organizations, will certainly bring the greatest benefits.


Thanks to your assistance, we will be able to continue our operations, at the same time ensuring future generations safe, beautiful and clean Poland.


Considering the participation in Poland's energy transition and out of concern for the natural environment, ZE PAK SA is a member of the "Clean Poland Program" association. It was established on the initiative of Mr Zygmunt Solorz and its objective is to make Poland clean by means of taking care of the country, being concerned with the natural environment, air, water and the nature that surrounds us.