Last updated on: 2020-05-15



The first stage of the K7 boiler reconstruction has begun

The reconstruction of the K-7 boiler in the Konin Power Plant was commenced with the dismantling of components of the old boiler that will not be useful in the future during the process of generating energy from biomass. The work is being performed by PAK SERWIS, a company belonging to the ZE PAK Capital Group.

As part of the demolition of the facilities and systems, among others, the following will be dismantled: coal mills, dust burners, start up oil burners with start up oil system, mazout station with accompanying systems, belt conveyors over coal bunkers, reciprocating hoppers supplying coal bunkers and foundations of coal mill engines, as well as cable routes connected with the dismantled equipment.

The disassembly is the first stage associated with the commencement of the conversion of the K-7 boiler into a fluidized bed boiler operating in BFB technology. This investment will enable adapting the system, which has previously been used in electricity generation from lignite, into a biomass combustion installation. The completion of the investment will allow Konin to be the first city heated with energy originating exclusively from renewable sources.