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The largest solar power plant in Poland is already operating and producing electricity


Warsaw, 28 October 2021


The largest solar power plant in Poland has just started operating and producing clean and green electricity. The farm was built at the initiative of Zygmunt Solorz, and is one of the stages of ZE PAK’s transition into production of clean electricity and abandonment of lignite mining. The farm was built by ESOLEO and PAK Serwis consortium for ZE PAK group in Brudzew commune, and has a capacity of 70 MWp. One of the recipients of electricity will be, among others Polsat Plus Group.


“This is one of the largest investments in green energy in Poland, implemented by private capital. Our modern and currently the largest solar power plant in Poland is another milestone in the energy transformation of ZEPAK and the entire region of Wielkopolska as well. We want PAK to generate electricity only from renewable sources by 2030 - including, inter alia, from the Sun, wind and biomass. Soon – in Konin, we will also start production of green hydrogen - the fuel of the future ” – says Piotr Woźny, Management Board’s President of ZE PAK SA.


The farm consists of 155 554 photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 455 Wp each and covers about 100 ha of land. Until recently, it was an area used by Adamów Lignite Mine for opencast lignite mining.


While constructing the farm, ESOLEO company engaged, among others former miners who have been retrained and now are implementing new projects related to renewable energy.


“Turek Poviat and Brudzew - a few years ago the area of a lignite mine, today the production of green electricity - is a real symbol of the Polish energy transformation. Thanks to an investment worth PLN 163.8 million net - built entirely with private money - the reclaimed area has regained its value in use and is an example of how to implement the energy transformation in Poland, including the creation of new jobs for people leaving the mining industry " – adds Piotr Woźny, Management Board’s President of ZE PAK SA.


The solar farm in Brudzew will contribute to reducing the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere - which is now crucial to stop the increase in climate warming. Annually, the power plant is to produce about 68,188 MWh, which will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions at the level of 56.7 thousand tons per year. In this context, it should be remembered that the current high electricity prices are, among others, the effect of a giant increase in the costs of CO2 emission allowances - over the last year the cost of emission of 1 ton of CO2 increased by 156% from EUR 22.98 per ton to approx. EUR 59.


- Green electricity from Brudzew has already flowed two days before the start of the COP 26 Climate Summit, known as the "last chance summit" for the world, for an agreement to stop global warming. - Such investments show that with the agreement of everyone: business, residents and local government, we can win this race for climate protection– says Mariusz Klimczak, Management Board’s President of ESOLEO Sp. z o.o.

About Brudzew Farm


The power plant has been built by Consortium of ESOLEO sp. z o.o. and Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe PAK SERWIS sp. z o.o.


Krzysztof Dziaduszyński, member of the Management Board of ESOLEO and PAK PCE, emphasizes the pace of implementation of the photovoltaic power plant in Brudzew - The investment was carried out at a very fast pace - preparatory work began on November 4, 2020, we obtained the final replacement permit for the construction on February 12, 2021, and then we started the assembly of the farm structure. The assembly of the modules lasted from April 12 to August 11 this year. We sent the notification about the completion of construction to District Authority Office in Turek on August 19, 2021, and on October 26, 2021, the farm obtained a temporary ION use permit issued by ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A., which gives 355 days from the start of preparatory work to obtain the ION certificate.


Ryszard Mycek, President of the Management Board of PAK SERWIS, points out that the power plant in Brudzew is the first type D power generation module in Poland that has passed the ION certification according to the new NC RfG network code. For PAK SERWIS, work on this project was extremely important, because thanks to this we were able to prove that the ZE PAK's subsidiary service company is doing well on the market of large-scale RES investments. The scope of our work included, among others, the reconstruction of the Main Power Supply Point used in the past by Adamów Lignite Mine for the purposes of power evacuation from PV Brudzew Farm, the supply and commissioning of 31 0.8 / 20 kV transformer stations and the commissioning of the control and supervision system of PV Brudzew Farm together with communication, with Energa Operator dispatching centre.

Apart from modules, 306 inverters and over 900 km of cables and optical fibres were used for the construction of the power plant. The farm fence itself, with 16 entrance gates, is 12 km long. There are 31 transformer stations on the site of the power plant, each with a capacity of 2MVA. The pallets left by the photovoltaic modules have been processed into plywood panels that will be used for the production of furniture.



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