Last updated on: 2015-02-24


Pątnów II


Investment Overview

The 464-megawatt strong power unit of the plant in Pątnów will be the first in the national power system to have performance specifications surpassing the critical standards. It is featured for its high power efficiency: 44.0% gross and 41.0% net.


Power rating of the unit at generator terminals for an average annual cooling water temperature of 16ºC: 470.2 megawatts

Net power rating of the unit at 400kV buses for a cooling water temperature of 16ºC: 446 megawatts

Annual working time of the installed power: 6800 hours

Annual production of electricity: 3180GWh

The systems to be used as power unit equipment incorporate state-of-the-art solutions successfully proven in lignite-fired power plants in other countries. The power unit is expected to be highly available:

  • on a yearly basis, including routine maintenance: 94%, on a six-year basis,
  • including top and complete overhauls: 91,2%.

The 464-megawatt strong power unit consists of

  • boiler with a capacity of 361kg/s (1300t/h),
  • condensing turbine for synchronous generator driving,
  • electrostatic filter
  • lime and gypsum flue-gas desulphurisation system (IOS),
  • new stack,
  • power output lead to 400kV switchgear buses.

Pątnów II power unit will generate electricity in a highly efficient way, thus reducing fuel consumption and manufacturing of waste. It will be furnished with state-of-the-art systems for air pollution prevention, including a wet flue-gas desulphurisation system and a nitrogen pollution reduction system. An average emission of air pollutants will be:

  • SO2 - 200 mg/nm3
  • NOx - 200 mg/nm3
  • dust - 30 mg/nm3 
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